Aqua therapy is one of the most common water therapies that is primarily practiced for relaxation. It is a treatment involving moving in and out of the water to perform various exercises. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • as a low-impact cardio exercise
  • as an effective rehabilitation tool for people with injuries
  • recovering post-surgery

In recent years, it has been gaining in popularity, and its popularity has been steadily increasing due to the many benefits it provides its users. This blog will focus on 12 benefits that seniors at an independent living community in Sacramento need to know about Aqua Therapy.

1. Provides Overall Muscle Conditioning and Strengthening

Aqua therapy is not only used as a preventative measure for people suffering from injuries. It is also used as a way for people to work out in a controlled environment, particularly for those who are recovering from injuries or surgeries. The buoyancy of the water supports the body weight, allowing the joints to move without causing strain on them, thus reducing pain and speeding up recovery.

Seniors can also benefit from this form of physical therapy as they do not have to strain their muscles when they start working out. They can just jump into a spa tub or pool, sit at the bottom and perform different exercises to improve the overall condition of their muscles. With all the benefits it provides, it is no wonder that seniors love it so much!

2. Sensory Input

The sensory input that a person gets from these exercises is also significant. The underwater pressure on the body stimulates the nerve endings and provides a calming effect, and helps relax the muscles. It is thus one of the best forms of relaxation. In addition to that, it also helps stimulate joint fluid production and strengthen bones. If they suffer from any type of chronic pain or illness, they can also use this form of therapy to relieve themselves from stress and promote healing.

3. Helps Fight Stress

Aqua therapy also provides a great way for seniors at our independent living community in Sacramento to fight stress, thanks to its sensory input benefit. As mentioned earlier, this form of therapy helps stimulate joint fluid production and strengthen bones. It also increases the oxygen intake in the body and encourages the production of endorphins. Being in this type of environment can provide seniors with a sense of calmness and well-being, which can help them combat stress.

4. Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

Aqua therapy can also be used by seniors who suffer from chronic pain or illness. It promotes healing, promotes joint fluid production, and helps reduce stress. As mentioned above, the sensory input that is sent to the brain results in a calming effect and helps relieve patients from stress. This can make it easier for them to sleep, which in turn promotes healing.

5. Increases Oxygen Intake

Oxygen intake is also increased in the body thanks to this form of therapy. In addition to that, the exercise also encourages the production of endorphins, which provides a sense of overall well-being and calmness. As mentioned earlier, stress can hinder the healing process that takes place in our bodies when we are sick or suffering from a chronic illness or condition. By increasing the oxygen intake in the body, we can more effectively fight off infections and promote healing and recovery.

6. Increase Cardiovascular Health

Aqua therapy can also help seniors improve their cardiovascular health. This is made possible through the low-impact cardio exercises that they do in the water. With these exercises, they are able to reap all of the benefits that they would get from high-impact exercises but with less risk of injury.

Two seniors doing aqua therapy in the pool

7. Promotes Relaxation and Well-Being

Aqua therapy can also promote relaxation and well-being. This is made possible through the sensory input that they receive while doing these exercises, which promotes calmness and reduces stress. As mentioned earlier, stress can affect the way our bodies deal with illnesses and infections. By helping people feel relaxed and at ease, we are able to promote healing from injuries and illnesses as well as promote a healthier lifestyle overall.

8. Increased Flexibility

In addition to promoting relaxation, this form of therapy increases flexibility in the body. This is made possible by the fact that the body does not have to bear its weight when it is submerged in water. The joints and muscles do not have to work as hard and, thus, become more flexible. In addition to that, some of the exercises that are done in this form of therapy require the users to immerse themselves underwater for a few seconds before coming up for air. Thus, this also helps in increasing flexibility.

9. Improves Body Image

Aqua therapy is also known to improve body image. This is primarily because the exercises that are done in the water allow people to see their bodies from different angles. This helps them gain better body awareness, as well as maintain a healthier lifestyle with regard to their diet and exercise habits.

10. It Provides a Good Workout

Aqua therapy is also popular with those who are looking to improve their workout or rehabilitate an injury. It does not provide high-impact exercises, so it does not cause any strain on the joints or muscles. In addition to that, it allows the user to use more of his/her body weight and, thus, provides a more effective workout.

11. It’s a Great Social Gathering

If you love spending time with people, this is the perfect way to do it. People of all ages can join in on the fun. Women and men alike can take part in it as well, as both genders have an equal chance of experiencing its benefits.

Independent Living Community in Sacramento

While Aqua Therapy has plenty of benefits for everyone, it is even more useful for seniors in our independent living community in Sacramento who are recovering from injuries or surgeries. Overall, it helps them live healthier and happier lives.

To learn more about becoming a resident of our independent living community, contact us today! Our award winning community is sure to be your next home away from home and be the perfect place to have the best experience possible in your golden years.