When you live far away from your elderly family member, it can be hard to ensure they are getting the care they need. With a little bit of initiative on your part and by following these guidelines, you will be able to help care for your senior loved one from the comfort of your own home. So whether they live in the independent living apartments in Sacramento or at their own home, these tips are sure to help!


1. Plan in Advance for Visits With Your Family Members.

Make sure that you schedule your visits well in advance of the time that they are coming. If you schedule your visits far in advance, you will avoid last-minute planning and make it easier for your senior loved one. In addition, when you plan in advance for visits with your loved one, this can give them time to prepare for the visit by organizing their home and making sure that it is clean and neat. This is especially important if you have elderly family members that are still living alone in their homes.


2. Consider the Use of Technology to Communicate.

Nowadays, you can use your computer to help you stay in touch with your loved ones living far away from you. You can use email or Skype (or other similar services) to talk with them online and see them as well! This will be especially helpful if you have an elderly loved one living in an assisted living home or senior living community


3. Learn About the Services Available in Your Community for Older Americans.

The services available in your area may not be sufficient to fulfill all of your loved one’s needs and wants. You can learn about these services by talking with older people who live in your community or with other seniors who have been there. You can also contact the government agencies that offer information on senior citizen issues. If your loved one opts for independent living apartments in Sacramento, you might want to learn more about the available services. These communities offer different types of services and facilities to help meet the needs of your loved one. It is also a good idea to make sure that you are familiar with these.


4. Find Accommodations for Your Loved One When You Are Visiting.

Make sure that you find some nice accommodations for your loved one when you are visiting. This is especially important if your senior loved one lives alone. If they live by themselves, they will probably appreciate it if you stay with them while they are recovering from the visit and make sure that they are taking their medications and getting the proper care they need daily.


5. Make Sure That Your Loved One is Insured for Incapacity in the Event of an Emergency.

Your loved one needs to have insurance coverage in the event that they cannot provide for themselves due to an unexpected medical emergency or another emergency that comes up. In addition, make sure that your loved one has this coverage even if they can still work and can provide for themselves.


6. Ensure That Your Loved One Has Emergency Funds Set Aside.

You may want to consider a savings account that is set aside for any emergencies that your loved one might have in the home. This will make sure that they can make it by as they wait for a response on their insurance claim or while they wait to be admitted into independent living apartments in Sacramento.


7. Double Check That Your Loved One’s Medications Are Up to Date.

If you live far away from your loved one, you must ensure that their prescriptions are up-to-date with the proper dosage. This will help reduce the chance that they might have negative side effects from their medications.

A senior woman talks on her cell phone


8.   Explore Senior Living Arrangements.

If your loved one is staying in a senior living community, then you should explore the possibilities of senior living arrangements for them. That way, your loved one can get the care they need and want. If you want to learn more about this, numerous resources are available to learn about senior citizen services and rights.


9. Plan for Transportation Needs.

Ensure that you make arrangements for transportation needs when visiting your loved one. This is necessary if your loved one lives in another state, is a long drive away, or has moved away from the area where they attended school, and you did not attend with them. In addition, make sure that you plan out how you will get there as well. You might want to consider using public transportation or a taxi cab to get to the facility your loved one is living in. In addition, you will want to plan out how you will get back when the visit is over. This will make it easier to get home safely and will also make it easier on your budget.


10. Buy a Smart Pill Dispenser.

When you visit your loved one and are concerned that they might be taking too many of their pills, you can buy a smart pill dispenser for them to use. This will help ensure that your loved one does not overdose and also help them take their medications regularly.


11. Ask for Information and Guidance from a Trusted Senior Resource.

You should ask an elderly loved one if they have any trusted senior resources that they would recommend to you. If your loved one wants to help their situation, then they can recommend a senior resource for you to talk with about their current situation.


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It is important to remember that even though the aging process is inevitable, it need not be feared. There are many things that we can do to delay or even reverse the symptoms of aging. How we age is very much a matter of choice.

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