Choosing a Sacramento  Assisted Living

The decision to move a senior family member or friend into assisted living is not always an easy one, but there are a number of benefits that can make this choice the right one.

If you are considering finding a Sacramento assisted living for your family member or friend, there are several areas that need to be considered. It is important that you understand the type of assistance required by your loved one and how much of it they will need before making any final decisions.

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing assisted living, such as:

  1. Location – The location of the assisted living facility you choose should not only be convenient for your loved one but also easy to travel to and from. A senior living facility that is located in an area with a high crime rate, limited public transportation, and little to no access to public services may not be a good fit.
  2. Amenities – Look for a senior living facility with lots of amenities. For example, some amenities you might want to consider are social activities, pet-friendly policies, meal plans, and transportation services. As your loved one ages, they may need more assistance with daily activities, and it is important that the assisted living facility you choose offers assistance, if necessary.
  3. Staff – You should choose an assisted living facility that provides excellent staff members who have training in recognizing and responding to the needs of aging adults. The staff should also be able to provide assistance in performing daily tasks, like bathing and feeding.
  4. Health Care – Assisted living facilities can offer a range of extra health care services for seniors, such as assistance with housekeeping, meal preparation assistance, and medication management. If your loved one has special needs or illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, then you need to ensure that the facility selected will be able to meet their medical needs.


Life at Regency Place

Regency Place senior living, being the best Sacramento assisted living facility, provides a personalized home-like environment for seniors. Regency Place has several amenities available that provide convenience along with a luxurious environment. Regency Place’s first floor has a television and vending machines in the common area for your enjoyment. Our staff is on hand to help with anything you may need, from making an appointment to giving you directions to the nearest grocery store.

Regency Place offers a full calendar of activities and events throughout the year. In addition, the Regency Place restaurant has a menu that serves all healthier options to our residents. The establishment has a spacious community room with HDTVs, board games, and comfortable seating that is available for residents to utilize throughout the day. There is even a Regency Place shuttle bus available to transport some of our residents around Lennox and Roseville. Simply put, Regency Place offers something for almost every member of the family.


Why Should You Choose Regency Place?

Regency Place is a pleasant, home-like environment for our residents. Regency Place offers the following services to help your loved one stay independent, healthy, and cognitive:

Here are ten great reasons why you should choose Sacramento Assisted Living for your Senior Care needs:

1.) Resident Based Care

 Regency Place has resident-based care in Sacramento. This means we don’t send you to another facility when your loved one needs assistance or if there are any changes in the daily routine. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met whenever possible.

2.) Safe and Secure

 Regency Place meets a number of standards and requirements to ensure that the living conditions are safe and appropriate for all of our residents. All areas, including bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, residential rooms, and recreational areas in our facility, are regularly inspected to ensure they are all clean and safe for our residents, staff members, and family members to enjoy. We have a strict quality control program to keep our facility running efficiently so your loved one can stay comfortable and safe.

3.) Fun Activities and Atmosphere

We have a variety of activities, programs, and events that keep our residents engaged and entertained. Our well-trained staff help to encourage leisure activities that you enjoy, like playing board games with your loved one.

4.) Pets Welcomed

We are a pet-friendly facility, so your family member or friend can bring their furry companion along to Regency Place for care. So your loved one can benefit from a companion animal, we do require an additional pet fee.

5.) Various Floor Plans

Regency Place has several different floor plans to suit your loved one’s specific needs. This includes all of the amenities that are needed to ensure independent living, like personal care and housekeeping services, and also includes extra amenities like a swimming pool, BBQ area, and a billiards table that are included to enhance our residents’ lifestyle.

6.) Knowledgeable Staff

Regency Place provides a number of services that can assist in meeting your needs, as well. In addition to the services provided onsite, Regency Place has an employee-to-resident ratio of one staff member for every seven residents, which is a standard practice in the industry. Our staff is all background checked and certified by the American Health Care Association and has been trained in treating persons with dementia. All Regency Place employees have relevant experience working with seniors to ensure they can make informed decisions about their health.

A happy senior woman and her nurse spend time outdoors

7.) Reputable Services 

 Regency Place is a very well-known and reputable company that has been in operation since 1998. Regency Place living facility is located in Sacramento, California, which means that it is not hard to get to from the local area by public transportation or the airport.

8.) Great Communication Among Staff

Our facility employs trained staff members who have excellent communication skills and can work with your loved one’s medical needs as well as their daily routines. This can be accomplished through our quality staff and onsite procedures.

9.) Top Tier Customer Service 

We have an unmatched level of customer service that you and your family can expect for every member of your family. With a highly trained staff, available amenities, and a busy schedule, our facility is structured to allow you to get to know the faces of our staff members and feel comfortable before deciding if they are the right fit for your loved one.

10.) Great Resources 

We have a number of resources available to assist you in the process of finding the right senior living facility for your family member and getting them into the best facility possible. We work closely with local agents and families in assisting and supplying them with our staff members. Since we have been in business for so long, we are also familiar with a number of other facilities in the area and can readily introduce you to them if needed.