As parents age, moving into a community living center can be a difficult transition. However, whether it’s due to health problems or simply wanting the comfort of having assistance close at hand, knowing that a loved one is in good hands brings peace of mind to all involved. But, providing support for senior family members in community living is manageable. There are many meaningful ways to provide much-needed assistance and connection with their new home and community. Discover tips designed specifically to help your senior family member acclimate in the best way possible when entering a community living environment.

Check-in Regularly

One of the most important steps to support the loved one is to check in on them frequently. If you live far away, do this by scheduling regular visits or through calls and video chats. Regularly checking in lets seniors know they are not alone and will help ease their anxiety about being away from home. Additionally, your presence will ensure the senior citizens’ home is taking good care of them and keeping them safe.

Send Care Packages

Another unique gesture that will lend a bit of sunshine is sending a care package. A care package could include anything from favorite snacks and beverages to crafts, puzzles, reading materials, or even handmade items like cards or blankets. Such gifts demonstrate thoughtfulness and love, providing relief for cherished family members and enabling them to be creative and make memories with the items you’ve included in the package.

Help with Activities of Daily Living

Support senior family members in senior care by assisting them with their activities of daily living. This could help them remember their morning routine, like brushing their teeth and taking medication, assisting in getting dressed, or helping prepare meals, especially for those in memory care. Sometimes, simpler tasks become challenging. Remain patient while offering the necessary help and reassurance. Being there during mealtime is a great way to bond over conversation and share a laugh.

Plan Activities Together

A great way to support elderly family members is by planning activities that allow both parties to have fun and enjoy quality time. These plans will help elevate morale and lead to long-lasting memories they can reflect on later in life, whether it be games, outings, or visits from grandchildren. Even if the senior citizen can’t physically do it, the activity independent living centers often have the staff resources necessary to guarantee a fulfilling experience for those involved.

Be a Good Listener

An  excellent way to provide emotional support for those living in an assisted living community in Sacramento, CA, is to practice being an active listener. Take time to listen without judgment, keep your attention on the speaker, ask questions that help to clarify their thoughts and feelings, and genuinely understand their struggle. Active listening allows family members with elderly parents and relatives in aided living communities to create strong bonds, even as physical visits are sometimes limited.

Offer to Read Letters, Emails, or Cards

Sometimes seniors living in assisted or independent living don’t have access to the internet or may not have the option to write a letter. Offering to read letters, emails, or cards from friends and family is a great way to help you stay connected. This allows them to receive news and updates without worrying about it themselves. Reading letters aloud or out loud over the phone is a great way for seniors to engage in conversations with family members who may not live close by.

Spend Quality Time

Another way to support the loved one living in assisted living is to set aside quality time together. This could include watching a movie, playing games, enjoying a meal together, or talking about memories and funny stories. Even if it’s just for an hour or so each week, being present and attentive will make a difference in the quality of life for seniors living in aided living centers.

Follow Up

Finally, following up with senior family members living in assisted living is a great way to show that you care about them and their well-being. Do this through emails, cards, or phone calls, as it helps remind them that they are still in your thoughts and prayers. Following up also allows you to provide updates on how your family is doing so that seniors will stay connected even if physical visits are impossible. With a bit of consistency and effort, you can help to provide support and comfort for elderly loved ones living in senior care.

These are just a few ways to support senior family members in senior citizens’ homes. Remember that even small gestures make a big difference and help them feel loved and appreciated.

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